Team Meeting


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Director &

Chief Executive Officer


 Medical Cannabis and Psilocybin Production Expert. Business Development Manager with over 20 years experience in cannabis, power, oil & gas, agriculture & environmental industries. Quality Assurance & Facility Optimization Expert. Developed the highest quality organic medical standard operating procedures (SOP’s). Created W2G’s Intellectual Property (IP) and trademarks.  Designed and built the Way2Grow cannabis facility and psilocybin production facility.

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Director &
Chief Research Officer


PhD from Simon Fraser University with over 20 years experience as a Tenured Professor specialized in advanced statistics, advanced research methods, multivariate data analysis & standardization. Experienced in geographic information systems, criminal intelligence and profiling, crime prevention & design, curriculum development, research publication development and online systems integration.

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Chief Scientific Advisor


W2G Chief Scientific Advisor, Bachelor of Science in Plant Botany, PHD Candidate in Plant Developmental Biology.  Specialized in Plant Genetics, Development, and Plant Biotechnology.   He has developed new technology to address the demand for improving protein content in plant tissues using advanced genomics and molecular plant breeding techniques including gene-editing.

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Chief Operations Officer


W2G Chief Operations Officer - Former Senior Superintendent responsible for managing large multi-site projects.  Former member of the UK Royal Marine Commandos with extensive security training. Received awards for outstanding contributions to the Commando Units and commendation letters for positive outcomes on active duty.  Experienced Project Manager and has designed large facility  standard operating procedures and policies. 

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Head Grower


W2G Head Grower - Brings a wealth of experience in organic natural cannabis growing and organic recipes. 
She has industry experience in both medical and recreational cannabis production and operations and is a passionate organic grower who continues to advance cannabis research through the testing and development of standardized organic operating procedures.

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Head Extractor


 Phd in Phytochemistry and second Phd Candidacy in Plant Molecular Breeding with over 36 years of experience in agricultural sciences..  The HE has developed extensive skills in plant breeding, entomology, entomology, weed management, plant pathology, plant physiology, soil science, agricultural machinery, and plant chemistry. He brings many areas of expertise in cannabis production from seeding/cloning to final products along with his outstanding records of cannabis operation, R&D strategy, and organizational leadership.