Way2Grow Organic Cultivation & Micropropagation

  • Way2Grow Biopharma Received a Standard Cultivation License on November 20/2020.

  • Over 25 years of proven and perfected experience in grow-operation technologies to create a standardized and certified approach to a successful cannabis operation. 

  • We have developed rigorous industry standards through the development of a novel approach to growing safe and organic products to a high standard.

  • The Way2Grow Design Standard has a comprehensive approach to safety at its core, and this approach means increasing the standards of organic products while improving the quality and consistency by using certified organic soils and customized Way2Grow products and growing solutions. 

  • Our W2G Nursery uses top-of-the-line tissue culture micropropagation breeding equipment.  

  • Micropropagation is cutting edge technology that creates disease-free plants and increases plant yield.  

  • Micropropagation has proven invaluable for gaining information about the differentiation of cells and about factors that control plant growth.

  • We are able to customize medical-grade strains in a completely sterile production environment while reducing disease, pests, and pathogens. 

  • Our micropropagation allows us to rapidly clone cannabis plants with desirable traits and elite genetics.

New Cultivar Selection Coming By Spring 2021!





Osoyoos, BC Canada

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