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Way2Grow Biopharma Corp. (W2G) is an emerging Canadian Biopharma service provider and medical innovator in the biopharmaceutical industry.  W2G Biopharma received with three Cannabis Licenses and has an application pending for Psilocybin production and Section 56 Research Exemption :  

  • Standard Cannabis Cultivation (Received)

  • Standard Cannabis Processing (Received)

  • Medical Sales License  (Received)

  • Psilocybin Production & Section 56 Exemption (Pending)

W2G began with an organic vision to help patients gain better access to high quality, consistent, organic products. To achieve this vision, W2G has developed a consistent phytopharmaceutical feedstock growth plan through the use of tissue culture and molecular biology. These methods allow for the standardization of the procedures used to ensure the quality and consistency of W2G’s biopharmaceuticals.

W2G's extensive research and IP approach is focused on the development of several new plant-based cultivation techniques, hybrid
cultivar development, genetic profiling and tissue culture.


By developing a molecular breeding and genetics program, we can identify new bioactive compounds to determine interaction with specific genes responsible for chronic diseases.

W2G is dedicated to delivering the highest standard of organic medical products and biopharmaceuticals while providing comprehensive education and medical solutions.​

Way2Grow is located in Osoyoos, British Columbia, and is regulated under the Cannabis Act and the Cannabis Regulations (Canada).


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Osoyoos, BC Canada

Phone: +1.403.554.5973

Email:  info@w2g.ca

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